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You could also use the side of the road. You will come across more bends 3. The final section of this race will also require you to perform a single jump 4.

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Make sure that you have used the brakes! This is also a simple race, so there's nothing you should be worried about. Winning the gold trophy should be very easy, however I would recommend choosing one of the faster vehicles of the A class, especially since there are a lot of mild curves in the area. That's where the most of this race will take place. I will tell only about a few important things, mostly because you shouldn't have any major problems with the rest of the corners. Once you've completed four checkpoints, you will have to enter the freeway 1.

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This is a very tricky spot. Slow down, so you won't hit any of the surrounding concrete walls. Once you're on the freeway, you will have to perform several difficult jumps. Make sure that you've done nothing wrong here. You will have to make a sudden left turn very soon 2. Thankfully, you should be able to cut through this corner. The final part is going to be much easier, so I'm sure that you'll secure your win. You shouldn't have any major problems winning this challenge.

Nevertheless, you won't be allowed to make too many mistakes, especially since you will only have seconds to finish this race. Thankfully, you will be allowed to cut through the corners, because the damage bar has been disabled. Head on towards the first right turn. This is a difficult corner, however if you do something wrong, you can always restart the entire challenge. There are some fast and easy corners ahead. Slow down once you've reached a sharper turn 1.

Keep heading towards your destination. You will be dealing with sharper corners from time to time 2. The final part of the lap will also require you to go through a small set of fast bends. Try cutting through most of these corners. This is a fairly difficult challenge. First of all, you will be dealing with a very large number of tight corners and hairpins. As a result, I would recommend choosing one of the easier cars of the A class, because you won't have enough time to correct each mistake. Additionally, you won't be allowed to leave the asphalt road, mostly because there's a damage bar on your screen.

The same goes with the civilian cars. Try taking an early lead 1 , so you won't have to crash into other player cars later during this race. Try slowing down before each corner, especially if you're driving one of the less stable vehicles. Once you've reached the third checkpoint, you will have to deal with several faster corners 2. You will also encounter a few jumps 3.

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You should be at least third after the first set of corners 1. Thankfully, AI drivers will use the brakes before each bend and that will give you an opportunity to make a move. You should be in the lead very soon. There are a lot of straight roads in the area.

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Use them to your advantage. You will also have to deal with several small jumps 2.

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Make sure that you don't end up outside the road. I would recommend buying or choosing from the garage one of the fastest Chevrolet cars. Corvette Z06 is exactly what you should be looking for. Thankfully, it's not an expensive car. You will have to pay only for it. You should also consider fully upgrading it.

It will cost you dollars, but I'm sure that you can afford it by now. You will also have an opportunity to use this car to complete most of the B class races. This challenge is very simple. You will have to make a quick start 1. Overtake your opponents.

You will have to go through only one difficult corner 2.